Review – Sarcophagus In The Sky

Source: Grizzly Butts


Sarcophagus In The Sky

I’ve been a fan of these guys from the earliest days of Runemagick‘s melodic black/death metal to their transition towards death/doom and even a short foray into creepy Electric Wizard worship. While they were always inspired and hugely productive in the recording studio, I don’t feel like they were allowed to truly experiment like crazy until the final few recordings as Runemagick. Once that group dissolved, Heavydeath began to fester in the form of several jam-based demo recordings. These demos show an amazing evolution as they shaped their style. If you have the time and interest, go to their bandcamp page and listen closely to their sound and concept shaping into what would become their debut ‘Eternal Sleepwalker’. It is a perfectly unique style of spooky doom metal, darkened death/doom and what I’d describe as classic horror psychedelia. Continue reading