Review – Sarcophagus In The Sky

Source: Mindful of Metal

Heavy as the deepest winter chill, the kind of chill that cracks the bones, Heavydeath are aptly named and aesthetically envisioned. Sarcophagus In The Sky is an album of dark midwinter hunting, spear-in-hand, waist-deep in snow, while silently invoking primitive gods to intercede on behalf of your survival. The is a mammoth album of immense, capacious death-doom, suffused with bowel-rumbling open chords of earth shaking malignancy.
 The vibe, while loose and feral, is focused and intense — as proto as proto death-doom can get and far removed from hippy stoner grooves or ’70’s fashion sense as you can possible get. Immersive and mesmerizing without being repetitive or banal, Heavydeath represent pure tribal gathering style doom, the hypnosis of the great bonfire celebration after having defeated your enemies in battle. Shoring up this analogy are the exhortative vocals, like a berserker witch doctor goading his hordes into ritualistic frenzies of Chaos god worship beneath the blood moon. It is a heavy trip of heavy death that sounds almost alien to our post-modern ears, though as our civilizations continue to totter and collapse, the well from which Heavydeath has tapped will rekindle within our most primal, subsumed senses.