Review – Dark Phoenix Rising

Source: Voices From The Dark Side

Sweden’s masters of busyness, also known as HEAVYDEATH, are here again, with their second full length release in this year. “Dark Phoenix Rising” is the follow up to “Eternal Sleepwalker”, that saw the pale light of day in March, released by Svart Records. Since I still haven’t heard that album, I can only refer to the demos I already had the pleasure to listen to or review for these pages. And this new album shows another face of HEAVYDEATH. Of course, the opening ‘Dead Trees’ has the heaviness this band is known for – hence their name! Continue reading

Review – Dark Phoenix Rising

Source: Doomed to Darkness Zine

Sweden’s Heavydeath have returned with a new recording that continues the mixture of doom and death metal of previous releases and this is a review of their 2015 album “Phoenix Rising” which was released by Caligari Records.

A very distorted yet heavy bass guitar sound starts off the album along with some drum beats which also leads up to more of a doom metal direction which also uses a decent amount of melodies and when vocals are utilized they are in more of a death metal growling direction and most of the tracks are very long and epic in length. Continue reading

Review – DEMO X / VIII (tape)

Source: Ride with the devil

HEAVYDEATH just keep on coming with the cassette releases of their demos, and this latest one from Caligari Records slaps together their 10th and 8th sessions for about half an hour of dirge-driven doom. On Side A, you’ll be treated to the duo of “Towards the Lonely End” and “The Silent One”, which starts off with enough bassy feedback to raise the hairs on your arms, and storms forward from there into crunchy chords and unclean growls. The environment called up by their style seems like they could have kicked in a crypt’s door to set up their studio, with enough frosty belligerence to earn their black leather stripes. With wonderfully filthy sounds and aggression, it stomps all over ideas of how limited a demo can be with its attacks.
Over on Side B, the band offers a pairing of “Futility & Death” alongside “The Bad One”, continuing their focused charnel-house sounds while turning up the funereal influence. Dark intonations join the swampy strings to conjure up demonically-charged power, letting the inexorable doom steady their vicious impulses into a well-primed assault. Again, this being only their demos, it’s exciting to imagine just how strong their first full album (Eternal Sleepwalker, which comes out tomorrow!) will prove to be. Copies of the cassette are limited to 150, so if you want to get some abrasive and deathly doom metal from these fast-rising stars, it’s time to get moving.
~ Gabriel

Review – Eternal Sleepwalker

Source: Doom Metal Heaven


Slower than a mountain and twice as heavy, this Swedish trio deliver immensely powerful death-doom with a hammer in one hand and a scalpel in the other. For all its bone-snapping muscle, ‘Eternal Sleepwalker’ is also sharp, cutting and cruel. This band does not simply want to flatten you like roadkill; they want to scrape you off the tarmac and carve you open.

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