Review – They Had No Names

Source: Voices From The Darkside

Anybody who ever heard a song from HEAVYDEATH knows that their name is like a program. Chances that some of you heard them are good anyway, since nearly all their stuff can be streamed on their bandcamp page. And their “Demo IV – Forebear Avenger”, released through Caligari Records as well, received covering on this site by yours truly some weeks ago. Here we have another fine HEAVYDEATH release from Mr. Caligari, the master of gem hunting. “They Had No Names” combines the band’s follow-up demos, confusingly numbered as VI and VII – where is number V? But that’s bean counting… Let’s focus on the four songs on “They Had No Names”. And as I already mentioned, this is fine stuff again. The opening ‘A Condemned Path Towards Nothing’ starts off in a dark SAINT VITUS vein, just even heavier and more tuned down. A floating groove captivates the listener before the song enters the realms of darkness in the grande finale. Track two is the rather long title track, a quite trippy ride through the fields of doom, yet heavy as fuck. In the end, this one nods towards the mighty VITUS again. The ‘Phase Collapse’ is spiced with a little more upspeed parts, garnished with vocals that come along even sicker in those faster parts. I mean, it’s still not really fast, just in comparison to the usual slowness of HEAVYDEATH. ‘Aftermath Crescendo’ finishes up this tape in a great manner. Somehow it sounds like a sick instrumental variation of themes of the first songs. Anyway, despite the fact that “They Had No Names” is the seventh (!) release of HEAVYDEATH this year, the band and their sound show no signs of wear and tear. Instead, this one is maybe the best HEAVYDEATH has recorded to date. So, I hope that their upcoming debut album on Svart Records will be real great! Until that day, use the chance to find out more about them. Asides from the bandcamp link, you can visit the band at or And you need to visit the label, of course, to get this strictly limited and as usual very well made tape:,

Thomas Meyer

Review – They Had No Names

Source: Doomed to Darkness

HeavyDeath have returned with a new recording that continues theirs old school mixture of doom and death metal and this is a review of their 2014 cassette “They had No Names” which was released by Caligari Records.

A very dark and distorted drone starts off the album before going into a melodic riff which leads up to a very heavy doom metal direction and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and after awhile death metal growls are added into the music and at times the vocals also bring in a small amount of screams.

Most of the tracks on the recording are very long and epic in length and when solos and leads are added into the music they bring in even more of a dark and melodic sound and on a couple of the tracks melodic clean signing is brought into the music and they also give the recording a stoner metal vibe when they are utilized while the man focus remains on a very heavy doom/death metal direction.

HeavyDeath continue their old school mixture of doom and death metal on the recording while also updating their sound a bit and bringing in a touch of stoner metal, the production sounds very dark and heavy while the lyrics cover dark and depressive themes.

In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from HeavyDeath and if you are a fan of doom and death metal, you should check out this cassette. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “They Had No Names” and “Phase Collapse”. 8 out of 10.

Review – They Had No Names

Source: Doom & Stoned

Ok, I really like this song! The band is HEAVYDEATH from Ljungskile, Sweden and this threesome know their doom. This song has a solemn beat and a plaintive melody that’s as dark as a cloud about to pour down rain (the music video matches the mood perfectly). “They Had No Names” is undeniably doom, but it doesn’t drag–and as the song moves along, the music gets more intense, with an almost post-metal vibe that is very effective. The lyrics are simple and the vocals both dirty and clean, with death metal overtones. I’ll be definitely going after the tape on Caligari Records and checking out the wide-release on Svart Records.


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Review – They Had No Names

Source: Tape Vyrm

I believe this is the deciding factor. My favorite demo from 2014 is going to be from Swedish band Heavydeath. I know this seems a little early to claim but Heavydeath has had so many good demos, all released in a year, that the competition is slowly being eradicated. I was ecstatic when I found not only Caligari Records but also Heavydeath’s first demo. It has now been a couple of months since and this band has not ceased to release a steady stream of demos. Heavydeath begs me to make sure I have all of my demos lined up and ready to listen to as this death/doom band is one of the better metal acts to come out of left field in 2014.

They Had No Names is a compilation of Heavydeath’s 6th and 7th demo, both classified under the utilitarian title Demo VI andDemo VII. Both past and present demos seem to have come from the same sessions, which where recorded in the spring of 2014. All four songs present on They Had No Names continue Heavydeath’s short tradition of combining the ferocity of death with a doom groove that is undeniably catchy. The droning vocals in “Phase Collapse” feel like echoes reverberating off a crypt vault ceiling. Even in the eponymous track, name??, Nicklas Rudolfsson’s festering vocals pound away at wooden doors, though not for one second is it displeasing. I have said many things about this band in a past review and They Had No Names is yet another great example of the gold one finds when mining the internet for long enough.

This string of demos is leading up to a full length in 2015 sponsored by the venerable Svart Records. The band not only releases new songs, but also takes time to record and rework other tracks as if to better themselves for a big celebration. If these demoes are just a warmup for the band then my geeky obsession with them has just turned into fervent fandom. Heavydeath and Caligari have made 2014 a horrible time to be alive and I hope for more gloomy weather in the future.