Review – In Circles We Die

Source: Doomed & Stoned (By Hugo Guzman)

The first song off HEAVYDEATH’s latest effort, ‘In Circles We Die’ (2016), is as blunt and self-evident as their name. “As We Foretold” opens with diabolic droning, furious growls, pounding drums, and hypnotic feedback. Although I’m sure plenty of naysayers are already telling me that death-doom is overdone and over with, the first minute of this album proves those guys don’t know shit. Continue reading

Interview (Doomed & Stoned)

Source: Doomed & Stoned (by Zachary Painter)

So, tell us a little about being in HEAVYDEATH. Between juggling projects, band members (Runemagick, Necrocurse, The Funeral Orchestra, Katatonia), and recording a slew of HEAVYDEATH demos, EPs, and LPs between 2014 and 2015, how do you find the time for it all? Would you consider HEAVYDEATH “top priority” at the moment?

HEAVYDEATH currently consists of myself on guitar and vocals, Johan Bäckman on bass, and Daniel Moilanen on drums. We are all quite busy. Johan and I live close to our rehearsal place, but we both have families, jobs, and other music projects. Daniel lives about five hours away from us and is busy with all that he does and his main band, Katatonia. So he does not have as much time for HEAVYDEATH as we do. Continue reading

Review – Eternal Sleepwalker

Source: Doomed & Stoned

Formed just two years ago in 2013, the Swedish trio consists of former members of death metal act Runemagick, namely Nicklas Rudolfsson (guitars and vocals), Daniel Moilanen (drums), and Johan Bäckman (bass). HeavyDeath came together with just one objective: to play “no frills,” “heavy death,” riff-laden doom metal. Pick the opening moments on any of these seven songs and you’ll see the band definitely lives up to its name. This band is heavy as death.

Having already teased us with 10 amazing demos, HeavyDeath has now emerged with their first full-length. Eternal Sleepwalker (2015) was recorded last summer, but just recently released through Svart Records in early March. I have been keeping up with these guys for quite some time now and it is exciting to finally take this record out for a spin. There is never enough death-doom in the world (at least in my world!)

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