Review – Sarcophagus In The Sky

Source: Abysmal Hymns (by Wil Lewellyn)

Sarcophagus In The Sky

The Swedish doom band who is no stranger to this blog is back. The lines between death metal and doom are much clearer on this album. In fact this would border that where doom and sludge meet more than death metal .The vocals are low and gruff , but not totally growled going into the ten minute opening. It does build into more of a moving rumble, but stays pretty satisfied in its own shadows. “Hunter” has more movement and gets closer in it’s throb to sludge. Though there is a very depressing energy to it’s melody. The vocals are more of a growl here, though this song is more melodic than the first. Continue reading

Review – In Circles We Die

Source: Abysmal Hymns

There is a raw Celtic Frost like vibe to the brand of deathly doom this Swedish band has returned to grind out. Very rough around the edges, there is still a well balanced sense of atmosphere even when they chug into the more sludge like “Slumbering Monolith” though I prefer what they were doing on the albums opener. Continue reading