Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Updated 2016-10-10

Q: Why the name HEAVYDEATH? Is there any thought or deeper meaning behind the name of the band?
A: Not really. We tried to find something that suited the music (and lyrics). Sure it might sound a bit primitive but it is what it is. The first name suggestions of the band was in Swedish, “Tung Död” or “Den Tunga Döden” or in Old Norse “Þungr Dauði”. But the final band name became in English words, HEAVYDEATH.

Q: What musical style or genre do you play?
A: We play some sort of heavier music. It is not important for us to say that we play a certain style. But if we have to categorize our music then it may be something like “Heavy Metal of Death and Doom”.

Q: Is HEAVYDEATH a continuation of RUNEMAGICK?
A: No it’s not. There are obvious similarities considering the involved composers and musicians. But we do not see it as a continuation.

Q: Why have you released so many demos?
A: Good question, in retrospect maybe we should kept the majority of them internally in the band, so to speak. But demos are demos. Don’t think we’ll release more demos in the future…

Q: Are you a political band?
A: No. No. No.

Q: Are you a religious band?
A: No, but it is very interesting to read and learn from the ancient times and fall of civilizations. There is a lot to discover for those who can and want to. Instead of being dumb sleepwalkers in a pale world. Turn off your “social media” and “TV”.

Q: Do you have a contract with a record label?
A: We own our music (via Nirucon Productions) and license our music to record labels that we see as collaboration partners. So far: Svart Records, Iron Bonehead Productions, Aftermath Music, Caligari Records, Dying Sun Records, Death To False Noise, Flowing Downwards, Tape Worship Records.

Q: Do you play live?
A: Yes, we gladly accept inquiries about gigs and festivals. Contact: heavydeathmail@gmail.com. We have however difficult to be out on long tours.

Q: The front cover of the album “In Circles We Die” appears to have a symbol. Where does the symbol come from? does it means something?
A: The “symbol” is designed by us. It can be interpreted in several ways. For example, life itself, we are born, grow up, get old and die. And born again? Or the four seasons. Or the forces of the four elements. Or night and day/the moon and the sun. Some of our songs touch these interpretations.
There are some who insinuate that this is a political symbol. That is certainly not the case!

Q: Do you answer interviews?
A: Yes, but respect that it may take a week or two to get answers. Interview contact: heavydeathmail@gmail.com.