“The Storm”

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I. The Storm
II. One Eye
III. Journey to the Shores of Death
IV. The Final Breeze*

* Only on tape release

Recording information

This recording was made during a weekend in August 2015 when we met to rehearse for some upcoming shows. Towards the end of the day we felt to create some new songs and to record, and the result was DEMO XII – “The Storm”…

Produced by N. Rudolfsson, J. Bäckman and D. Moilanen.
Demo rough-mix and mastering by J. Bäckman.
Music and lyrics by N. Rudolfsson 2015.

Nicklas Rudolfsson – electric guitar, vocals
Johan Bäckman – electric bass guitar
Daniel Moilanen – drums


Digital release on bandcamp November 2015.
Tape released by Flowing Downwards February 2016.


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