The Stone Speaks At Winter

Single from the album “Sarcophagus In The Sky” + bonus track.


I. The Stone Speaks At Winter
II. Shadow Of The Equinox (demo version) *

Recording information

Recorded during the summer of 2017.
Mixed and mastered by Johan Bäckman.
Produced by Nicklas Rudolfsson, Johan Bäckman, Daniel Moilanen.
Music & lyrics by Nicklas Rudolfsson.
Tree illustration on cover art by Catta “Eldhexan” Holmberg.

* Bonus track “Shadow Of The Equinox” taken from pre-production/sound check demo session.

Johan Bäckman – bass
Daniel Moilanen – drums
Nicklas Rudolfsson – guitar, vocals (drums on bonus track)


Streaming/download released on bandcamp 2017-09-01 by HEAVYDEATH.


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