The drones are walking to the downfall

“The drones are walking to the downfall” (Embryo of Heavy Death)


I. The drones are walking to the downfall (28+ min)

Recording information

The recording was made ​​before the band name “HEAVYDEATH” was born. But we see this as a embryo that has so far not been fully developed and finished for release.
The main recording session was made at Sonic Train Studios, Varberg, Sweden in 2008 or 2009 but was never finished with additional recordings and mix. The session is recorded by Daniel Moilanen on drums and Nicklas Rudolfsson on guitar and vocals.
We have plans to let Johan Bäckman record his electric bass guitar, mix and release it in some way, probably at our Bandcamp page. Sometime when the time feels right…

Update 2015-03-06
Johan Bäckman has now recorded the bass guitar and mixed the song.
Released on bandcamp March 6th 2015.

This is a journey called “The drones are walking to the downfall” (Embryo of Heavy Death). The song is a heavy “difficult to listen in on” thing. Perhaps nothing that represent our current material. But it is what it is. And we have now decided to release the song officially under the banner of HEAVYDEATH. The first recording session was done by Nicklas and Daniel during a day in Sonic Train Studios in 2008 or 2009 (we do not remember exactly). And then in 2015, Johan recorded bass guitar and mixed the whole spectacle.

Music and lyrics by N. Rudolfsson.

Nicklas Rudolfsson – electric guitar, vocals
Johan Bäckman – electric bass guitar
Daniel Moilanen – drums


Digital release on Bandcamp March 6th 2015.