“The Broken”


I. Flames of Heavy Doom *
II. The Obsessed Hunter
III. The Broken (instrumental)
IV. Ascending… (outro)

Recording information

This jam/recording session is a bit special because the snare drum broke down at the end of the first song. It was already a crack before we started recording. So all of a sudden it became a little alternative drum style especially on the last two songs. This is the main reason why the recording is not released. The recording was made during a period when we tested several new songs prior to recording the upcoming album on Svart Records. None of these were re-recorded except the outro (Ascending…) which later became a full song recorded for the debut album.

Recorded 2014 in the rehearsal chamber.
Produced by N. Rudolfsson and J. Bäckman.
Music and lyrics by N. Rudolfsson 2013/2014.

Nicklas Rudolfsson – electric guitar, vocals
Johan Bäckman – electric bass guitar
Leif (session) – drums


Not released.
* To be released on the CD compilation “Flames of Heavy Doom”  by Blackrypt Productions in 2014/2015 or never!?…