If we have to categorize our music then it may be something like,

Heavy Metal of Death and Doom


We and the old one with the ancient wooden trident.
In the circle we now once again have traveled around… it is now silent.

Autumn meets winter. It is so cold and dark.
From the fire of life only a little left, a spark.

Forests are now obscure shadows of our nature.
May the strong elk protect our coming future…
…Sarcophagus in the sky

The sun is swallowed, by the moon (so they thought).

A Dawn Without Sun.
A new journey begins.

History of Heavydeath

Updated August 2017

The band originates from Sweden. The first name suggestions of the band was in Swedish, “Tung Död” or “Den Tunga Döden” or in Old Norse “Þungr Dauði”. But the final band name became in English words, HEAVYDEATH.

Formed in 2013 by Nicklas Rudolfsson (Runemagick, The Funeral Orchestra, DomedagNecrocurse) and Johan Bäckman (Necrocurse, Rapid Terrör). Many primitive demos were recorded during the first months of the bands existence. Most of the sessions are recorded in one takes during lunch breaks. Many of these recordings are released as rough mixes on cassette tapes, bandcamp and youtube. Some demos are released by the band but also by labels like Caligari Records and Flowing Downwards.

During the summer of 2014 Daniel Moilanen (RunemagickKatatonia) joined the band. The debut full length album “Eternal Sleepwalker“ was recorded in July 2014 and released on LP/CD in March 2015 by Svart Records and MC by Tape Worship Records.

HEAVYDEATH entered the stage for the first time at the Mörkaste Småland Festival in Sweden, September 2015.

The band recorded and released a number of EPs and singles in 2014-2016. Cloven, Awakening of the Forgotten, Dark Phoenix Rising and A Long Obscure Trip (The Return). As well as the (probably) last official demo recording, The Storm.

In April and June 2016 the band recorded the 2nd full length album “In Circles We Die“. Released in November 2016 on DLP by Iron Bonehead Productions, CD by Aftermath Music and MC by Flowing Downwards.

In April 2017 the band played live at Inferno Festival Norway.

Although the band usually holds a relatively low profile, the creative currents have not diminished. There are plans for another album, the third one. Watch out for the sarcophagus in the sky…



Johan Bäckman
Electric bass guitar
Daniel Moilanen
Nicklas Rudolfsson
Electric guitar, vocals

Live session members:
Jonas Blom – drums
Stefan Rodin – bass
Robert Axelsson – bass

Old session members:
Oldfor Suns – drums (some demos and EP’s)
Leif – drums (first recordings)

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